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Georgia Dental Answering Service | As Low as $39

If you’re in search of a Dental answering service in Georgia, we can assist you in linking up with a highly-rated company at a more competitive rate. Starting from $1.39 – $1.50/call ($39/week avg.), you can embark on your path to success immediately.

Dental Answering Service in Georgia – Buying Guide

Understanding the Need

Before diving into the specific elements to consider when choosing a dental answering service in Georgia, it’s essential to understand why you might need one. Dental answering services help manage calls from patients, appointment bookings, and emergencies outside of regular hours. They ensure that no call goes unanswered, improving patient satisfaction and clinic efficiency.

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Credentials and Compliance

  • Licensure: Ensure the answering service is licensed to operate in Georgia. Licensure guarantees that they adhere to the state’s regulations and standards.
  • HIPAA compliance: Patient privacy is paramount. Ensure that the service you choose complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect patient information.

Specialization in Dental Services

It’s beneficial to choose an answering service specializing in dental services. They will be more adept at understanding common dental terminologies, procedures, and patient queries, ensuring a seamless experience for your patients.

Language and Communication

  • Bilingual services: Georgia has a diverse population. Check if the service offers bilingual operators or more, depending on your patient demographics.
  • Clear communication: The service should prioritize clear and concise communication to avoid misunderstandings or misinformation.

Technological Integration

The answering service should easily integrate with your current office management software. This integration ensures that appointment bookings, rescheduling, and other call-to-action items are updated in real-time.

24/7 Availability

Dental emergencies can happen at any hour. Opt for a service that provides round-the-clock continuous customer support and live chat to ensure your patients can always reach out when in need.

Training and Quality Assurance

  • Training: The answering service should train their staff about the nuances of dental care, your clinic’s specifics, and the way you’d like your patients to be addressed.
  • Monitoring: Periodically, they should monitor calls for quality assurance to maintain high standards.

Customizable Scripts

Every dental clinic has its way of interacting with patients. The answering service should allow for script customization to reflect your clinic’s tone and approach.

Feedback Mechanism

Choose an answering service that provides regular feedback on the calls received. This data can offer insights into peak call times, frequent queries, and areas of improvement.

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Cost and Contract Flexibility

While cost should not be the sole deciding factor, it is essential to understand the pricing structure. Check for hidden fees, and ensure there’s flexibility in the contract, allowing for scalability as your practice grows or undergoes changes.

Testimonials and Reviews

Lastly, look for testimonials or reviews from other dental clinics in Georgia. Personal experiences from peers can offer a genuine insight into the efficiency and reliability of the service.

Finding the right dental answering service in Georgia requires a blend of understanding your clinic’s needs and assessing the competencies of potential service providers. Prioritize patient privacy, communication efficiency, and technological compatibility to ensure a harmonious partnership.

Top Dental Answering Service Providers in Georgia

Below is a list of the top Dental answering service companies in the state of Georgia. We are connected with affiliates in partners in most states. Please make sure to take time to compare quotes from quality suppliers near you.

Atlanta, GA

Answering West Georgia
17 1/2 N Lafayette Sq, Lagrange, GA 30240

First Call Answering Service
2002 Franklin Pkwy, Franklin, GA 30217

Northwest Telephone Answering
800 Kennesaw Ave NW Ste 330, Marietta, GA 30060

How Much Does a Dental Answering Service Cost in Georgia?

In Georgia, the pricing for a Dental answering service typically starts with a basic monthly fee, which then varies based on the total minutes consumed each month. While every call center has its own unique pricing model, here’s a general estimate of what you can expect to pay:

Pay As You Go Plans:

Price Range: $39 – $115/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 0
Fees: $1.28-$1.50 per operator minute

Moderate Plans

Price Range: $139 – $160/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 125
Fees: $1.30-$1.43 per operator minute

Solutions For All Businesses

Business Plans

Price Range: $320 – $355/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 250
Fees: $1.30-$1.41 per operator minute

Enterprise Plans

Price Range: $650 – $850/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 500+
Fees: $1.27-$1.39 per operator minute

For pricing on packages exceeding 1000 calls per month, please request a written quote.

Features, Benefits, and Advantages

Here’s a breakdown of the top 5 features, benefits, and advantages of a dental answering service:

Feature: 24/7 Availability

  • Benefit: Ensures that patients can always reach the clinic, even outside regular office hours.
  • Advantage: Builds trust and loyalty among patients, knowing they can always get assistance when needed, and increases the potential for capturing new appointments or emergency cases.

Feature: Specialized Dental Training for Operators

  • Benefit: Answering service operators are equipped with knowledge about dental procedures, terms, and common patient queries.
  • Advantage: Provides professional and knowledgeable interactions, which enhances patient satisfaction and confidence in the dental practice.

Feature: Integration with Office Management Software

  • Benefit: Seamless synchronization of appointment bookings, rescheduling, and other patient interactions with the dental clinic’s management system.
  • Advantage: Increases efficiency and reduces errors, ensuring that both the dentist’s office and patients are on the same page.

Feature: Customizable Call Scripts

  • Benefit: Allows dental practices to personalize the way calls are handled, reflecting the unique tone and approach of the clinic.
  • Advantage: Offers a consistent brand experience for patients, reinforcing the clinic’s professionalism and care standards.

Feature: HIPAA Compliance

  • Benefit: Ensures that all patient interactions and information handling adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, safeguarding patient privacy.
  • Advantage: Mitigates legal risks associated with data breaches or mishandling of patient information, fostering a secure environment for both the dental practice and its patients.

Types of Dentists in Georgia That Use an Answering Service

Several types of dentists in Georgia might opt for a doctor answering service, each with their unique reasons for doing so. Here’s a list:

General Dentists:

Why: These are the primary dental care providers who handle a broad array of dental needs. They deal with a significant volume of patients, and an answering service ensures that they efficiently manage appointments, inquiries, and emergency calls.

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Pediatric Dentists:

Why: Specialists in treating children’s dental issues. An answering service can assist in calming anxious parents, scheduling urgent appointments, and offering guidance on dental emergencies specific to children.


Why: They specialize in correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. Given the long-term nature of treatments like braces, they often receive numerous calls related to adjustments, discomfort, or general queries. An answering service helps manage these patient interactions.


Why: These specialists treat gum diseases and install dental implants. They often deal with urgent cases like severe gum infections, and an answering service ensures they’re reachable for emergencies and post-operative queries.


Why: Experts in treating the inner portion of the tooth, primarily doing root canals. Patients often have post-procedure questions or pain-related issues, making an answering service vital for prompt responses.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons:

Why: They perform surgeries on the face, mouth, and jaw. Given the critical nature of their work, especially post-surgery, it’s crucial for patients to reach out with concerns, complications, or questions, necessitating an answering service.


Why: Specialists in restoring and replacing teeth. Patients undergoing restorative treatments often have inquiries about care, maintenance, and follow-ups. An answering service ensures consistent communication.

Cosmetic Dentists:

Why: While not a formal specialty, these dentists focus on improving dental aesthetics. Given the elective nature of cosmetic procedures, potential patients often have a myriad of questions before committing. An answering service can field these queries and schedule consultations.

In Georgia, as with many places, the field of dentistry is diverse. Regardless of their specialty, an answering service provides dentists the ability to offer continuous patient care, manage their practice more efficiently, and ensure they’re accessible, especially in urgent situations.

The ROI of a Dental Answering Service: Is the Investment Worth It?

The Cost-Effectiveness of Dental Answering Services

Enhanced Patient Acquisition and Retention

One of the significant ways a dental answering service pays for itself is by enhancing patient acquisition and retention rates. When patients receive prompt and professional responses, whether they’re booking appointments or seeking emergency advice, they are more likely to choose and stick with that particular dentist. Lost calls often translate to lost revenue, so by ensuring every call is addressed, dentists can capture more business opportunities.

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Reduced Administrative Costs

Dental practices often spend a considerable amount on administrative salaries. With an answering service, there’s less need for dedicated full-time receptionists or additional administrative staff to manage calls. By redistributing or minimizing these roles, the cost of the answering service is often offset by the reduction in wage-related expenses.

Optimized Appointments and Fewer No-Shows

Missed appointments and last-minute cancellations can be a drain on a dentist’s revenue. A dental answering service can send reminders, reconfirm appointments, and reschedule patients as needed. This proactive approach reduces the number of no-shows, ensuring that the dentist’s time and resources are optimally utilized.

Emergency Upselling Opportunities

Emergencies are often unexpected, but they represent an opportunity for immediate treatments and procedures that might be more lucrative. When patients reach out during off-hours with dental emergencies, an answering service ensures they’re directed to the right care promptly. This immediate response not only aids in patient care but also often leads to procedures that might not have been scheduled in a regular setting.

Building a Reputation for Excellent Customer Service

In the age of online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, a dental practice’s reputation is invaluable. An answering service contributes to building a reputation for excellent customer service. Happy patients are more likely to leave positive reviews and refer friends and family. Over time, this positive reputation brings in new patients, making the initial investment in the answering service more than worth it.

The Bottom Line: In essence, a dental answering service is not just an operational expense but an investment in streamlined operations, enhanced patient relations, and optimized revenue opportunities. Over time, these benefits compound, making the service not just pay for itself but also contribute to the growth and profitability of the dental practice.

8 FAQ’s About Dental Answering Services

Here are eight frequently asked questions about dental answering services:

Having a dental answering service is a strategic move for many practices, ensuring that they can maintain consistent patient communication, manage their appointments efficiently, and offer immediate assistance in emergencies. These FAQs offer a glimpse into the many facets and advantages of such services.

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