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Legal Answering Service in Georgia | As Low as $39

If you’re in search of a legal answering service in Georgia, we can assist you in linking up with a highly-rated company at a more competitive rate. Starting from $1.39 – $1.50/call ($39/week avg.), you can embark on your path to success immediately.

Georgia Legal Answering Services – Buying Guide

For law offices seeking to maximize their efficiency and client outreach, choosing the right legal answering service can be transformative. This guide will help attorneys and their support teams navigate the market for these indispensable tools.

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Legal Answering Services Buyer’s Guide

For law offices seeking to maximize their efficiency and client outreach, choosing the right legal answering service can be transformative. This guide will help attorneys and their support teams navigate the market for these indispensable tools.

1. Understanding Legal Answering Services

What are they?

  • A legal answering service offers live receptionists to handle incoming calls, messages, and appointment bookings for law firms.


  • Ensure 24-hour coverage, even after hours.
  • Capture new clients by promptly addressing their concerns.
  • Enhance office efficiency by filtering and prioritizing calls.

2. Features to Look For

Legal Expertise

  • Ensure the service has operators trained specifically for the legal field.

24 Hour Service

  • Your potential clients may reach out at any time. Ensure the service operates around the clock.

Multilingual Support

  • Accommodate clients of diverse backgrounds by ensuring multilingual receptionists.

Appointment Scheduling

  • Seamlessly integrate your calendar and let the service book consultations.

Message Taking and Delivery

  • A good service will take detailed messages and deliver them based on your preference: email, text, or direct call.

3. Questions to Ask Potential Providers

  • How do you train your receptionists in legal terminology and client handling?
  • What is your average response time for incoming calls?
  • Do you offer a trial period or money-back guarantee?
  • How do you ensure client confidentiality?

4. Avoid Common Pitfalls

  • Not Verifying Legal Knowledge: Ensure the service is adept at handling legal clientele.
  • Overlooking Hidden Fees: Some services may have extra costs for after hours or over a certain number of calls.
  • Choosing Based on Price Alone: While budget is important, ensure you’re not compromising essential features or quality.
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5. The Importance of Integration

  • Ensure the service integrates well with your existing office systems, be it your CRM, calendar, or case management software.

6. Pricing Structures to Consider

  • Per Minute: You’re billed for the exact time the service interacts with your clients.
  • Flat Fee: A monthly or annual charge regardless of usage.
  • Hybrid Models: A combination of a flat fee with additional charges for overages.

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The right legal answering service can greatly benefit attorneys and lawyers by ensuring no opportunity is missed. Whether it’s a potential client reaching out after hours or efficiently managing daily communication, such a service is invaluable to any modern law office. Always prioritize quality, client experience, and seamless integration to maximize benefits.

Top Legal Answering Service Providers in Georgia

Below is a list of the top legal answering service companies in the state of Georgia. We are connected with affiliates in partners in most states. Please make sure to take time to compare quotes from quality suppliers near you.

Atlanta, GA

Ruby Answering Service
Serving Atlanta, Columbus, August, and all of Georgia

1420 Southlake Plaza Dr, Morrow, GA 30260

1995 N Park Pl SE #270, Atlanta, GA 30339

How Much Does a Legal Answering Service Cost in Georgia?

In Georgia, the pricing for a legal answering service typically starts with a basic monthly fee, which then varies based on the total minutes consumed each month. While every call center has its own unique pricing model, here’s a general estimate of what you can expect to pay:

Pay As You Go Plans:

Price Range: $99 – $250/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 0
Fees: $1.35-$1.56 per operator minute

Moderate Plans

Price Range: $139 – $265/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 125
Fees: $1.37-$1.69 per operator minute

Solutions For All Businesses

Business Plans

Price Range: $324 – $400/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 250
Fees: $1.38-$1.60 per operator minute

Enterprise Plans

Price Range: $650 – $1000/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 500+
Fees: $1.35-$1.58 per operator minute

For pricing on packages exceeding 1000 calls per month, please request a written quote.

Features, Benefits, and Advantages

Enjoy endless features, benefits, and advantages with an attorney answering service. Here’s how:

1. Feature: Legal-Specific Training

  • Benefit: Receptionists are familiar with legal terminologies, ensuring they can engage and relay accurate information to clients and attorneys.
  • Advantage: Lawyers can trust that the first point of contact with potential clients or other parties is informed and professional, elevating the firm’s credibility.

2. Feature: 24-Hour Coverage

  • Benefit: Law offices can capture leads and address concerns around the clock, even after regular business hours.
  • Advantage: The firm maximizes its potential client intake, staying ahead of competitors that might not offer after-hours communication.

3. Feature: Multilingual Support

  • Benefit: A wider range of potential clients can be catered to, accommodating diverse language needs.
  • Advantage: Lawyers can expand their clientele base by being more inclusive, leading to increased business opportunities and client satisfaction.

4. Feature: Integrated Appointment Scheduling

  • Benefit: A streamlined booking process ensures that consultations, hearings, and other important dates are organized without the attorney’s direct intervention.
  • Advantage: Increased office efficiency reduces administrative burdens, allowing lawyers to focus more on their cases and less on managing their calendars.

Investing in a high-quality attorney answering service can significantly enhance a law firm’s client relations, efficiency, and overall growth potential.

Types of Attorneys in Georgia That Use an Answering Service

In Georgia, various types of attorneys rely on answering services to streamline their operations and provide better client support. These include:

Bankruptcy Lawyers

They often deal with clients facing urgent financial crises. An answering service ensures that clients can reach out for immediate assistance, especially when they’re dealing with stressful financial situations, such as imminent foreclosures or seizures.

24/7 Answering Services

Personal Injury Attorneys

Given that accidents and injuries can happen at any time, personal injury lawyers find answering services indispensable. Immediate response can be crucial for clients to provide initial guidance on medical care, evidence collection, and other urgent matters.

Family Law Attorneys

These lawyers handle sensitive cases involving divorce, child custody, and other family disputes. An answering service helps them be available to their clients, offering support during emotionally charged times. Prompt responses can make a significant difference in the client-attorney relationship in these cases.

Criminal Lawyers

Given the unpredictable nature of criminal cases, criminal defense attorneys need to be available for their clients around the clock. Whether it’s an arrest, an unexpected turn in the case, or other urgent matters, an answering service ensures lawyers are reachable when it matters most.

Estate Planning and Probate Attorneys

Dealing with wills, estates, and probate matters often involves time-sensitive and emotional issues. As beneficiaries or family members might need immediate assistance, especially after the passing of a loved one, an answering service can provide the needed support and relay crucial information promptly.

Real Estate Attorneys

With the complexities and time-sensitive nature of property transactions, these attorneys need to be accessible for their clients to handle questions and urgent concerns related to closings, disputes, or other property matters.

Using an answering service benefits attorneys in Georgia by allowing them to maintain a strong and immediate line of communication with their clients. This not only ensures clients feel supported, but it also allows lawyers to manage their time more efficiently, prioritizing urgent matters and delegating others.

The ROI of a Legal Answering Service: Is the Investment Worth It?

A legal answering service can deliver a strong return on investment (ROI) for law firms in multiple ways, ultimately ensuring that the service pays for itself. Here’s how:

Client Acquisition and Retention

A missed call can mean a missed opportunity. Potential clients often reach out to multiple law firms when they’re seeking representation. If they can’t get through to one, they’ll likely move on to the next. An answering service ensures that every call is answered, increasing the chances of securing a new client. Over time, the revenue from these new clients can greatly outweigh the cost of the answering service.

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Reduced Overhead

Hiring a full-time receptionist or administrative assistant is a significant financial commitment, involving not only salary but also benefits, training, and potential turnover costs. An answering service, on the other hand, provides all the benefits of a receptionist at a fraction of the cost, and without the associated HR complexities.

After-Hours Availability

Legal emergencies don’t stick to a 9-5 schedule. With an answering service, attorneys can capture new clients and address urgent needs after regular office hours. This 24/7 availability can result in a competitive advantage, with clients often willing to pay premium rates for immediate assistance.

Professional Image

A professional answering service enhances the firm’s image. First impressions matter, and when potential clients are greeted by knowledgeable and courteous professionals, it boosts the firm’s credibility. This can lead to more referrals and positive reviews, which in turn lead to more business.

Enhanced Productivity

Lawyers can focus on their core work without the distraction of answering every incoming call. This increases efficiency, allowing for more billable hours and ensuring that attorneys spend their time on what they do best: practicing law.

Minimized Loss from Missed Opportunities

Legal matters are often urgent. A client might need to change a court date, provide essential information, or seek urgent counsel. If they can’t get through, they might look elsewhere. Having a service to capture these calls ensures continuity and trust, preserving potential revenue.

Data Collection and Management

Many answering services also log call details, providing valuable data about call volumes, peak times, and client needs. This information can guide marketing efforts, staffing decisions, and client outreach strategies, leading to better ROI on promotional endeavors.

In essence, while there’s an upfront cost associated with a legal answering service, the potential increase in new client acquisition, combined with cost savings and enhanced productivity, means the service can quickly pay for itself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Answering Services

These questions and answers can offer clarity for law firms considering the adoption of a legal answering service, ensuring they can make informed decisions that benefit their practice.

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