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Small Business Answering Service in Georgia | As Low as $39

If you’re in search of a Small Business answering service in Georgia, we can assist you in linking up with a highly-rated company at a more competitive rate. Starting from $1.39 – $1.50/call ($39/week avg.), you can embark on your path to success immediately.

Georgia Small Business Answering Services – Buying Guide

Selecting an answering service for your small business can boost your brand’s image, improve customer service, and help you manage calls efficiently. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you pick the best answering service in Georgia:

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1. Determine Your Needs

  • Volume of Calls: How many calls do you expect the service to handle per day/week?
  • Hours of Operation: Do you need 24/7 support, or just business hours?
  • Services Required: Beyond just taking messages, do you need appointment scheduling, order processing, or other services?

2. Consider Local vs. National Services

While national services may offer competitive rates, local answering services in Georgia may provide a more personalized touch and might be more familiar with local nuances or dialects.

3. Services Offered

  • Live Answering: Immediate human response.
  • Automated Answering: Interactive voice response (IVR) systems.
  • Call Screening: Determine urgency before routing.
  • Message Taking: Recording messages for callbacks.
  • Order Taking: Process customer orders.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Manage your calendar.
  • Bilingual Services: Important if you have a diverse customer base.

4. Look into Technology & Integration

Does the service use up-to-date technology? Can they integrate with your CRM or other business software?

5. Check Reputation and Reviews

  • Online reviews and ratings.
  • Recommendations from other local businesses.
  • Better Business Bureau ratings.

6. Cost

  • Understand the pricing model: per call, per minute, or a flat monthly fee.
  • Ask about any hidden charges or fees.
  • Consider any initial setup fees.

7. Training and Professionalism

  • Ensure the answering service trains its operators about your business’s specifics.
  • Are operators trained in good customer service practices?

8. Trial Periods & Contracts

Some services offer trial periods or month-to-month contracts. This can be helpful if you’re unsure about committing long-term.

9. Data Security & Compliance

Ensure the service adheres to data protection regulations and maintains high standards for data security, especially if they’ll handle sensitive customer information.

10. Disaster Recovery

Inquire about their backup plans in case of outages or natural disasters. You want to ensure your calls are answered, even if they face technical challenges.

Answering Service Solutions

11. Feedback & Reporting

Can the service provide feedback or reports on call volume, caller concerns, or frequently asked questions? This can help you identify areas for improvement in your business.

Picking the right answering service for your small business in Georgia requires understanding your needs, researching potential services, and assessing their suitability. Take the time to review options, ask questions, and even test out a service if possible to ensure you’re making the right choice for your business.

Top Small Business Answering Service Providers in Georgia

Below is a list of the top small business answering service companies in the state of Georgia. We are connected with affiliates in partners in most states. Please make sure to take time to compare quotes from quality suppliers near you.

Atlanta, GA

OmniCall Receptionists
295 Thomas Newell Way, Carrollton, GA 30117

1420 Southlake Plaza Dr, Morrow, GA 30260

Voice Link
4802 Cargo Ct, Columbus, GA 31907

1995 N Park Pl SE #270, Atlanta, GA 30339

How Much Does a Small Business Answering Service Cost in Georgia?

In Georgia, the pricing for a small business answering service typically starts with a basic monthly fee, which then varies based on the total minutes consumed each month. While every call center has its own unique pricing model, here’s a general estimate of what you can expect to pay:

Pay As You Go Plans:

Price Range: $39 – $95/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 0
Fees: $1.35-$1.46 per operator minute

Moderate Plans

Price Range: $139 – $165/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 125
Fees: $1.37-$1.45 per operator minute

Solutions For All Businesses

Business Plans

Price Range: $324 – $380/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 250
Fees: $1.38-$1.44 per operator minute

Enterprise Plans

Price Range: $650 – $1000/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 500+
Fees: $1.35-$1.39 per operator minute

For pricing on packages exceeding 1000 calls per month, please request a written quote.

Features, Benefits, and Advantages

Enjoy endless features, benefits, and advantages with a small business answering service. Here’s how:

Features of Using a Small Business Answering Service:

  1. 24/7 Call Answering: Ensures no call goes unanswered, regardless of the time.
  2. Live Answering: Real people respond to queries, providing a personal touch.
  3. Automated Answering/IVR: Efficiently directs callers using voice prompts.
  4. Call Routing: Directs calls to the appropriate department or individual.
  5. Message Taking: Records messages for callbacks.
  6. Appointment Scheduling: Helps book appointments without needing direct involvement.
  7. Emergency Dispatch: For urgent situations requiring immediate attention.
  8. Bilingual Services: Assists diverse customer bases.
  9. Feedback & Reporting: Provides insights into call volumes and trends.
  10. Order Processing: Manages and processes customer orders.
  11. CRM Integration: Ensures seamless information flow between systems.

Benefits of Using a Small Business Answering Service:

  1. Enhanced Professional Image: A consistent, friendly voice elevates brand image.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Allows businesses to focus on core tasks while calls are handled.
  3. Cost-Effective: Reduces the need for hiring and training a full-time receptionist.
  4. Improved Customer Service: Minimizes hold times and dropped calls.
  5. Data Collection: Gathers essential data about customers and their needs.
  6. Scalability: Adjusts based on call volume and business needs.

Advantages with Examples:


  • Feature: Emergency Dispatch.
  • Benefit: Rapid response to HVAC emergencies.
  • Advantage: Prompt addressing of issues can lead to customer loyalty and positive word of mouth.
Answering Services For All Industries


  • Feature: Appointment Scheduling.
  • Benefit: Efficiently manages attorney/client consultations and meetings.
  • Advantage: Enables attorneys to focus on cases, knowing their schedule is organized and conflicts are minimized.


  • Feature: Bilingual Services.
  • Benefit: Able to assist doctors with a broader range of patients.
  • Advantage: Access to a larger clientele, promoting inclusivity, and understanding.


  • Feature: 24/7 Call Answering.
  • Benefit: Immediate response to roofing emergencies, especially after storms.
  • Advantage: Sets the business apart from others, potentially leading to more contracts and a higher reputation.


  • Feature: Live Answering.
  • Benefit: Provides instant, personalized responses to plumbing crises.
  • Advantage: Builds trust with customers, encouraging repeat business.


  • Feature: CRM Integration.
  • Benefit: Seamlessly logs and manages leads, maintenance requests, and tenant communications.
  • Advantage: Provides property management companies a smoother tenant experience, reducing turnover, and increasing occupancy rates.

A small business answering service provides tangible features that translate into significant benefits. These benefits then become clear competitive advantages for businesses, making them essential tools for growth and customer satisfaction.

Types of Small Businesses in Georgia That Use an Answering Service

Virtually every type of small business in Georgia uses a small business answering service. Here are a few examples, and why:


Lawyers in Georgia often utilize answering services to handle calls from clients, especially after regular office hours. Given the sensitive nature of legal matters, clients might need immediate assistance, such as after an arrest or an accident. An answering service ensures that all urgent calls are recorded, and necessary messages are relayed promptly, allowing lawyers to prioritize and respond accordingly.

Medical Offices

Medical practices, including doctors, dentists, and specialists, find answering services invaluable. Patient calls can range from appointment bookings to urgent medical queries. With an answering service, medical professionals can ensure all calls are sorted, urgent matters are escalated, and appointments are scheduled without interrupting their ongoing patient consultations.

Real Estate Offices

Georgia’s booming real estate sector relies heavily on effective communication. Real estate agents can be out showing properties, attending closings, or scouting new listings. An answering service ensures they don’t miss potential client calls, inquiries about listings, or communication from other professionals in the industry. It aids in capturing leads and maintaining a steady flow of business.

24/7 Answering Services


In the vibrant culinary scene of Georgia, restaurants handle a multitude of reservations, event bookings, and customer inquiries daily. Especially during peak hours when staff is busy, an answering service can efficiently manage these calls, ensuring that patrons receive timely confirmations and that restaurants maintain a steady flow of patrons.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Given the seasonal temperature fluctuations in Georgia, heating and air conditioning businesses are often inundated with calls for installations, repairs, or maintenance. Emergencies, like a malfunctioning air conditioner in mid-summer, can’t wait. HVAC answering services guarantee that even if technicians are occupied, customer calls aren’t missed, and urgent requests are prioritized.


With Georgia’s lush greenery, landscaping services are in high demand. Whether it’s routine garden maintenance, larger landscaping projects, or addressing sudden issues like storm damage, landscapers are often outdoors and away from their office phones. An answering service ensures they remain accessible to clients, capturing new business inquiries and managing existing client communications.

In essence, businesses in Georgia utilize answering services to ensure seamless communication, prioritize tasks, and manage the flow of business. For many, it offers a cost-effective solution to handle high call volumes and maintain a professional image, enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

The ROI of a Small Business Answering Service: Is the Investment Worth It?

Return on Investment (ROI) is a fundamental metric for businesses evaluating the profitability of an investment. In the case of a small business answering service, the key is to weigh the benefits against the costs.

Benefits of a Small Business Answering Service:

  1. Professional Image: First impressions matter. When a customer’s call is promptly and professionally answered, it reflects positively on the business. This can lead to increased customer trust and potentially higher sales.
  2. Higher Efficiency: Instead of managing calls, the business can focus on core tasks. This redirection of resources can lead to higher productivity and revenue.
  3. 24/7 Availability: The ability to answer calls round-the-clock ensures capturing leads and servicing customers even outside regular business hours. This can result in additional sales and improved customer satisfaction.
  4. Cost Savings: Compared to hiring a full-time receptionist or administrative assistant, many small businesses find an answering service to be more cost-effective, especially when considering employee benefits, training, and overhead costs.
  5. Reduction in Missed Opportunities: Every missed call can be a potential lost sale. Having an answering service reduces the chances of missing out on these opportunities.
  6. Data Collection: Some answering services provide insights and analytics on call volumes, peak call times, and more. This data can be invaluable for marketing, staffing, and other business decisions.
Compare Costs and Save Today

Costs Associated with an Answering Service:

  1. Monthly Service Fee: This can vary based on the package chosen, which might be priced per call, per minute, or a flat monthly fee.
  2. Setup Fees: Some services might charge an initial setup or integration fee.
  3. Potential for Impersonal Service: There’s a risk that the service might not represent the brand as intimately or passionately as an in-house team member.

Is the Investment Worth It?

For many small businesses, the ROI is positive. The immediate savings in salary and overhead costs, combined with the potential increase in revenue from captured leads and improved customer service, often outweighs the costs associated with the service.

However, the actual ROI will depend on the specific business and industry. For instance, industries where timely response is crucial (like emergency services, medical offices, or real estate) might find a more immediate and higher ROI than others.

While the upfront costs of a small business answering service might seem like an added expense, the long-term benefits in terms of customer satisfaction, retention, and operational efficiency often justify the investment. It’s essential for businesses to evaluate their specific needs, costs, and potential benefits to make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business Answering Services

Considering these frequently asked questions and their answers can provide clarity for businesses contemplating an answering service, ensuring they make informed decisions that benefit their operations.

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