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Property Management Answering Service in Georgia | As Low as $39

If you’re in search of a Property Management answering service in Georgia, we can assist you in linking up with a highly-rated company at a more competitive rate. Starting from $1.39 – $1.50/call ($39/week avg.), you can embark on your path to success immediately.

Georgia Property Management Answering Services – Buying Guide

Understanding the Need

Before diving into the selection process, it’s crucial to understand why a property management answering service is vital. This service acts as a bridge between property managers, tenants, and potential renters, ensuring smooth communication.

  • Seamless Communication: Ensuring no call goes unanswered, especially during peak times or after hours.
  • Professional Representation: Portraying your property management business in the best possible light.
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Features to Look Out For

24/7 Availability

The essence of an answering service is to be available round the clock. Property issues can arise at any time, and it’s crucial to always have someone available to answer those calls.

  • Overnight Emergencies: A burst pipe or broken lock is urgent.
  • Potential Renters: Someone might call after seeing a late-night property listing.

Bilingual Support

In an increasingly global world, having bilingual support can set your property management firm apart.

  • Reaching a Wider Audience: Catering to non-English speaking renters and landlords.
  • Efficient Service: Handling queries without language barriers.

Customization Capabilities

Your answering service should align with your brand image and values. A customizable solution ensures consistency in communication.

  • Scripting: Tailoring the service to use language and tone that matches your brand.
  • Special Instructions: For unique properties or specific tenants. This includes lockout services, live chat, and more.

Integration with Current Systems

The service should seamlessly integrate with your existing property management software and CRM.

  • Effortless Syncing: No manual transfer of data.
  • Unified Communication: Centralizing tenant interactions and call histories.


As your business grows, your answering service should be able to accommodate more properties and increased call volume.

  • Flexible Plans: Upgrading or downgrading as needed.
  • Support for Multiple Properties: Catering to large portfolios without hitches.

Pricing Transparency

Hidden charges can inflate costs. Ensure the pricing structure is clear from the outset.

  • Monthly Plans: Understanding what’s included and what’s extra.
  • Pay-per-Use Options: For businesses that have fluctuating call volumes.

Selecting the Right Provider

Experience in Property Management

Not all answering services are the same. Choose one that understands property management nuances.

  • Industry Knowledge: Avoiding generic answers and providing relevant solutions.
  • Training: Agents should be trained in property-specific queries.
Answering Service Solutions

Testimonials and Reviews

Hearing from other property managers can provide insights into a service’s effectiveness.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Ensuring tenants and landlords are happy with the interaction.
  • Reliability: No dropped calls or long wait times.

Trial Period

A test run can reveal if a service is the right fit for your business.

  • Hands-on Experience: Gauging response times and accuracy.
  • Feedback Loop: A trial allows you to provide feedback for refinement.

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 A property management answering service is more than just taking calls. It’s about enhancing tenant relations, streamlining operations, and portraying a professional image. Invest the time in choosing a service that aligns with your business goals and offers the features necessary for your unique needs.

Top Property Management Answering Service Providers in Georgia

Below is a list of the top Property Management answering service companies in the state of Georgia. We are connected with affiliates in partners in most states. Please make sure to take time to compare quotes from quality suppliers near you.

Atlanta, GA

1420 Southlake Plaza Dr, Morrow, GA 30260

1995 N Park Pl SE #270, Atlanta, GA 30339

How Much Does a Property Management Answering Service Cost in Georgia?

In Georgia, the cost for a Property Management answering service typically starts with a basic monthly fee, which then varies based on the total minutes consumed each month. While every call center has its own unique pricing model, here’s a general estimate of what you can expect to pay:

Pay As You Go Plans:

Price Range: $99 – $175/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 0
Fees: $1.35-$1.56 per operator minute

Moderate Plans

Price Range: $139 – $250/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 125
Fees: $1.38-$1.65 per operator minute

Solutions For All Businesses

Business Plans

Price Range: $250 – $375/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 250
Fees: $1.38-$1.50 per operator minute

Enterprise Plans

Price Range: $650 – $1000/Month
Operator Minutes Included: 500+
Fees: $1.35-$1.40 per operator minute

For pricing on packages exceeding 1000 calls per month, please request a written quote.

Features, Benefits, and Advantages

1. Feature: 24/7 Availability

Benefit: Ensures that no calls, including emergency or time-sensitive ones, are missed.
Advantage: Differentiates the property management company as reliable and responsive, leading to higher tenant satisfaction.

2. Feature: Bilingual Support

Benefit: Addresses a diverse clientele by providing support in multiple languages.
Advantage: Expands the market reach, catering to non-English speaking tenants and property owners, thus promoting inclusivity.

3. Feature: Integration with Current Systems

Benefit: Simplifies workflow by allowing the answering service to directly sync with existing property management software or CRM.
Advantage: Saves time and reduces manual data entry errors, leading to a more streamlined and efficient operation.

4. Feature: Customization Capabilities

Benefit: Enables personalization of scripts and responses to align with the brand image and specific property requirements.
Advantage: Delivers a consistent brand experience, reinforcing trust and professionalism in communications.

5. Feature: Scalability

Benefit: Allows the service to handle increased call volumes and more properties as the business grows.
Advantage: Flexibility in adapting to business changes without the need to switch providers, ensuring smooth transitions during expansion phases.

6. Feature: Dedicated Training for Agents

Benefit: Ensures that the answering service agents are equipped with knowledge specific to property management.
Advantage: Reduces misunderstandings, leading to faster resolution times and better overall tenant and property owner satisfaction.

7. Feature: Detailed Call Reporting

Benefit: Provides insights into call volumes, types of inquiries, response times, and more.
Advantage: Enables data-driven decisions to further optimize operations and assess the performance of the answering service, ensuring quality control.

24/7 Answering Services

Types of Property Management Companies in Georgia That Use an Answering Service

Residential Property Management Companies

Why: These companies manage single-family homes, apartments, and condos. They use answering services to handle tenant complaints, maintenance requests, and potential tenant inquiries round the clock, ensuring they don’t miss out on leasing opportunities or urgent issues.

Commercial Property Management Companies

Why: Managing office buildings, retail spaces, and warehouses comes with unique challenges. An answering service can assist with queries related to lease agreements, facility issues, or prospective tenant questions, often outside of traditional business hours.

Vacation Rental Management Companies

Why: These companies oversee properties that are often rented on a short-term basis. Due to the high turnover and transient nature of guests, there’s a need for 24/7 availability to address inquiries, bookings, and emergencies.

Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Management

Why: HOAs are responsible for enforcing community rules and managing shared community spaces. An answering service can handle homeowner concerns, complaints, and emergency situations, especially after office hours, ensuring residents feel heard and valued.

Industrial Property Management Companies

Why: Managing industrial spaces like factories and warehouses requires swift action in emergencies. An answering service can quickly relay information regarding safety issues, maintenance requirements, or tenant concerns to the appropriate parties.

Student Housing Management Companies

Why: Student accommodations often see a high volume of requests, complaints, and inquiries due to the dense population of residents. An answering service ensures timely response to issues like maintenance requests, room changes, or safety concerns.

Mixed-Use Property Management Companies

Why: These companies handle properties that combine residential, commercial, and/or retail spaces. Due to the diverse nature of tenants and business operations, an answering service can streamline communication, ensuring that each segment’s unique needs are addressed promptly and efficiently.

These types of property management companies utilize answering services to improve efficiency, enhance tenant and owner satisfaction, and ensure timely response to emergencies, all of which contribute to maintaining a positive brand image in the market.

The ROI of a Property Management Answering Service: Is the Investment Worth It?

The Return on Investment (ROI) for any service or product is essentially the value that the investment returns relative to its cost. When it comes to a property management answering service, the ROI can be understood in both tangible and intangible returns. Let’s break it down:

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Tangible Returns:

  1. Increased Occupancy Rates: By promptly answering inquiries from potential tenants and addressing concerns, the likelihood of securing and retaining tenants grows. Higher occupancy rates directly contribute to revenue.
  2. Reduced Overhead Costs: Hiring full-time staff to manage calls 24/7 can be expensive. Using an answering service can often be more cost-effective than maintaining in-house resources, especially during off-hours.
  3. Efficiency in Operations: The integration capabilities of modern answering services can reduce manual entry, minimizing errors and the labor cost associated with them. This can indirectly save money and increase operational efficiency.

Intangible Returns:

  1. Enhanced Brand Reputation: Consistently offering professional and timely responses enhances the company’s reputation. Happy tenants are more likely to refer others, creating a word-of-mouth marketing effect.
  2. Improved Tenant Satisfaction: Addressing tenant concerns promptly can lead to higher tenant satisfaction, increasing the likelihood of lease renewals and reducing turnover costs.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing that emergencies and urgent inquiries are being handled, even during non-business hours, provides property managers with peace of mind.
  4. Data and Insights: Answering services often provide call data analytics, which can give valuable insights into tenant behavior, concerns, and peak call times, aiding in future decision-making.

Analyzing the Investment:

To determine if the investment is worth it, property managers can do a cost-benefit analysis:

  • Costs: This will include the monthly or annual fee for the answering service.
  • Benefits: These can be quantified by looking at increased revenues from higher occupancy rates, savings from reduced overhead, and estimated value from tenant retention due to improved satisfaction.

The ratio of benefits to costs will give a clear picture of the ROI. If the benefits significantly outweigh the costs, then the investment is justified.

While the tangible returns can often justify the costs of an answering service on their own, the intangible benefits like improved reputation and tenant satisfaction play a crucial role in the long-term success of a property management company. Most property managers find that the investment in a quality answering service offers a positive ROI, not only in monetary terms but also in the overall growth and stability of their operations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Property Management Answering Services

Understanding these FAQs and their answers can provide clarity to property managers considering investing in an answering service, ensuring they make informed decisions to benefit their operations.

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